What Motherboard Do I Have On Windows 10? – Complete Buyer’s Guide In 2022

We usually are not aware of the fact that what motherboards do we have on our system. Before going on with the question, first, we need to understand that, what a motherboard is and how it is important for our computer systems.

The motherboard is one of the most important components of a computer which is also known as a mainboard or Mobo.

A computer system has various other components or we can say electrical devices, which need to be connected at a certain point.

The motherboard serves to be that particular point or we can say a large circuit board where all the computer components are connected. It is located in a computer case where usually the CPU socket is also located.

Does Motherboard Affect Performance?

Within the motherboard, you can observe various memory slots where the RAM is inserted. Other important components the motherboard has are SATA connectors where you can attach your storage devices such as SS deals or hard drives.

With time, you may have witnessed a huge difference between the design and availability of features in the older motherboard and the modern motherboards.

The northbridge and the South Bridge in the older motherboards are now replaced by the platform controller hub also known as PCH.

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To move on with the methods of finding the model number and brand of the motherboard, you first need to know that at what points, you get in dire need of knowing about that particular information.

Reasons why you need to know the motherboard model number:

When you buy a whole new system, you are not usually aware of the motherboard model number and its brand because it is not a very common thing. We usually don’t need to have information about the motherboard model number or its brand in our routine work.

But at times, when you want to upgrade some of its features or to enhance any one of them, you need to know the model number and the brand of your motherboard.

Some of the reasons due to which you need to figure out the model number and brand of your motherboard are:

To Update Drivers:

To update the CPU drivers you need to know the model number of your motherboard so that you can download or install the required driver.

If you are not skillful in operating computer mechanics then you can simply take help from online sources where you don’t need to put up great effort as most of the work is done by the online applications.

To Update BIOS:

The BIOS is the set of instructions in the firmware that gives commands to control the input and output operations. For instance, if you are having a problem with your computer hardware you need to update the BIOS because this cannot be fixed by updating the drivers are the operating system.

The BIOS update deals with the hardware problems and not with the software. to update BIOS you need to find out the model number and brand of the motherboard of your system.

To Check the Compatibility with Other Hardware:

To check the compatibility of your system with other hardware, you need to have a Complete Set Of Information Regarding The Motherboard.

First, you need to check the CPU socket of your motherboard that whether it is compatible with the processor you have chosen or not. The next thing you need to figure out is the RAM that is suitable for your processor and the motherboard as well.

To Discover Specifications:

To discover how efficiently and with what key features, your motherboard works, you need to know which model and brand you are using so that you would be able to find out its specifications.

Ways to Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model:

These were the reasons why we need to know about the motherboards we are using for our systems. Now moving towards the ways that how you can figure the specific information regarding the motherboards.

For instance, there are some of the laptops or computers in which it is not just simple to look at the motherboard to find its particular information. You need to follow certain steps for the very purpose.

So, now, we will be discussing some of the methods through which you can find out the model number and brand of the motherboard.

Native Method:

On every Windows software, there is an option to find the system information. This is probably the most easiest and convenient way of searching the system information. If you are a user of windows 10 then what you need to do is that just click on the START button.

A START menu will appear where you need to type ‘‘ System Information’‘ and select the application. Also, you can use shortcut keys to perform the task that is, Key+R. As soon as you are done with the task, type, ‘‘msinfo32” in the Run window and press enter.

A window will where there is system information. In the system summary section, you will see your motherboard make and model.

Third-party software:

By third party software, we mean that the other online applications or software which are specially designed to get the information about the systems and their components.

You will even get much extra information regarding your motherboard and its components which you would not be able to find with the native method.

Moreover, there is some amazing software which not only gives you information regarding the system but also tells you about the temperature of its different components which is surely a plus point that you never want to ignore for sure.

Command Prompt:

Going back to more traditional methods, you can also get information with the help of the window’s instrumentation command-line (WMIC).

For this purpose, what you need to do is, to open the command prompt either via the start button or the alternative menu(WIN+X), then you need to type:

wmic baseboard get Product, manufacturer, version, serialnumber

Visual Identification:

Lastly, here is the most simple method that is visual identification. In this method, you need to visualize the required information on the motherboard.

In some of the modern motherboards, the information is displayed somewhere on the board and you don’t need to put much effort into finding it but the old versions lack this option.

There might be a piece of paper attached to the board on which the required information id mentioned. So you need to put a bit more effort to get to the desired information.


Does Windows 10 Come With A Motherboard?

No. The windows ten are not included. To get them, you need to buy them separately. For buying a professional Windows 10, better check out the official Microsoft website where you’d get a suitable deal as per your preferences.

How Do You Check What Graphics Card You Have?

To check what graphics card you have, you need to follow the following steps: First hit the start button where the start menu will appear. On the start menu, click Run.

In the open box, type ”dxdiag” and hit OK. In the DirectX Diagnostic tool, click the display tab. The display tab, you will get the information regarding your graphic card.

Does RAM Speed Have To Match Motherboard?

The RAM speed must be in accordance with the motherboard. You must check whether the speed of the Ram which you have bought for your system is suitable for the processors or not.

On the motherboard, all the information regarding the speed and other specs are mentioned so you must check it before inserting as it could damage the functionality of your computer system.

Do All Motherboards Support Windows 10?

Mostly, the motherboards do not have anything to do with the operating systems so you can use it easily. To be more precise, the 64-bit motherboard would be more suitable and supportive for windows 7, 8, and 10.

Why Windows 10 is so expensive?

We being the regular users of the Windows operating system, demands for the latest and updated features for which a whole new system and settings need to be developed. As advancement requires hard work and money, so you need to pay for it in heavy amounts.


To make a fair conclusion, we can say that it is very essential to know about the information regarding your motherboards various purposes.

The most common of these reasons is to update the BIOS which is related to hardware problems. If you get stuck in between your work and need to solve the problem, you need to fix it immediately by updating the BIOS.

Moreover, we have enlisted various methods to find out the information regarding the motherboard model number and brand. To take advantage of this informative article, you need to go through it and read thoroughly to understand all the essential steps to get the desired information.

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