What Is Discord And Why Is It So Hyped? Latest Guide In 2022

What Is Discord And Why Is It So Hyped

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app used by millions of people around the world to hang out with their communities and friends. Users turn to Discord on a daily basis to connect with their colleagues, loved ones and partners.

Discord is every gamer’s life-saver these days. This app is second to none when it comes to conveniency of communication, whether it is between a group of friends or a clan of gamers trying to gear up for their next tournament.

However, much like other applications, discord keeps getting hit with bugs when new updates roll out and the awaiting endpoint error is a common one.

Now, there may be other methods out there for a fix, we have compiled the simplest ones for our users. Read on!

What Exactly is the Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error?

According to devs, the “Awaiting Endpoint” problem that has given headaches to millions of Discord users, is a self-solving problem and can be fixed a hard reset. In order to perform a hard reset, users need to completely exit the application and restart it.

However, users claimed the solution wasn’t as simple as that and some developers later pointed out that the awaiting endpoint issue results from connection issues.

The problem be a result of a variety of different reasons from a faulty or slow internet connection to a server outage on Discord’s part.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

1. Changing The Discord Server’s Voice Region

Discord servers are synced to a specific geographical region in order to allow for better connections around the world. If your region is experiencing a server outage, you might fix your problem by trying a different region.

Only the admin of the server can change the voice region. If you are not the admin, reach out to the server admin and ask them to do this change.

To change the voice region of a server, perform the following steps:

  • Launch Discord.
  • Click on the server you are having trouble with, then choose Server Settings.Launch Discord.
  • Click Overview, and look for the Server Region setting. Press Change.

server you are having trouble

  • Change the server region to the one closest to your location.

look for the Server Region setting

2. Troubleshoot your Internet Connection

Troubleshoot your Internet Connection

Try using a browser on your phone or pc. If everything loads up as normal, then there’s nothing wrong with your Internet Connection. However, if you experience problems such as low page-load speed or no line, you should reach out to your ISP and demand a fix.

3. VPN

Sometimes your phone or computer’s IP settings are messing up and resulting in the discord awaiting endpoint issue. Try using a free or premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) to check if the solution gets fixed. If it doesn’t, lets try one last thing.

4. Reinstall Discord

Reinstall Discord

This can be a real hassle, but sometimes reinstalling is the only solution we are left with. If none of the other solutions are working, you need to first uninstall discord from your system and then reinstall it.


The Awaiting Endpoint error is the arch-nemesis of the Discord family. Nearly ever user comes across this bug every now and then.

We hope that our suggested solutions helped you get rid of the issue at your end, however, if you still find yourself in trouble, feel free to let us know in the comments below and we will try and solve it out.