We’re Sorry, But Word Has Run Into An Error – [Fixed In 2022]

We're Sorry, But Word Has Run Into An Error

Many times, a user encounters errors such as “We’re sorry but Word has encountered an error that is restricting it from working correctly. As a result, Word will need to be closed. However, the greater the number of users, the greater the number of issues.

This error is typically caused by Microsoft, i.e., the underlying service that connects teams is down or experiencing other technical issues.

It’s something Microsoft will almost certainly have to address, but it could also be a problem on your end. If the problem is on your end, try the below-mentioned fixes to resolve it.


This problem arises as a result of Microsoft Office applications running in Compatibility mode on your computer after an upgrade.

Because of internal Microsoft Office settings, Word configures itself to work in safe mode during the update.

Because if a program isn’t yet available for Windows 10, it will continue to work in compatibility mode with the prior operating system.

However, for some users, this causes an issue, resulting in the error mentioned above.

We're Sorry, But Word Has Run Into An Error

Fixing We’re Sorry, But Word Has Run Into An Error


  1. Reinstall MSWord.  To do so, download the appropriate tool.
  2. Make a note of the Word version you’re using and start building.
  3. Choose the correct path and proceed through the remaining screens.
  4. The method is based on the version of Word.
    Reinstall MSWord



  1. In Windows 10, go to the Apps menu and select the Apps you want to use.
  2. To fix and modify, choose the appropriate Office product.
  3. If your Word is a product key or an account-based product, make a note of it.
  4. Click-to-run or MSI-based online maintenance and fixing options are available.
  5. To complete the error correction process, follow the on-screen instructions.


You may need to install VBA code for some customizations.

install VBA code for some customizations


Incorrect Word files are also a factor.

Even if it’s only one document, the entire application will be thrown into error.


There are various registry keys that can be edited. You can only make changes if you have full knowledge of the registry editor. If Registry Corrections are performed incorrectly, your Windows OS will become unusable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does “We’re Sorry But (Office Program)” Mean?

However, it occurs on a regular basis. “We are sorry, but (Office program) has encountered an error that prevents it from functioning properly. As a result, (the Office program) will have to be closed.

How Do I Use The Command Prompt To Run Office Repair?

  • Type cmd in the Run dialogue box.
  • To open Command Prompt in admin/elevated mode, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  • Choose the correct path if you installed the operating system on a different drive.
  • This command brings up the Repair menu, where you can choose between Quick Repair and Online Repair.

What Is Officeclicktorun, And How Does It Work?

According to my research, officeclicktorun.exe runs as the ‘Microsoft Office ClickToRun Service’ service (ClickToRunSvc). It aids in the coordination of resources, system integration, and background streaming of Microsoft Office updates and products.

What Is The Purpose Of Office 365 Ruick Repair?

It fixes all issues but takes a little longer and requires an internet connection throughout, or Offline Repair – Fixes all issues but takes a little longer and requires an internet connection throughout. If you’re still having issues after trying Quick Repair, you can choose this option.


You can be perplexed by a single, simple error. Look for event data and diagnostic information as a last resort. Assist with technical issues in the same way.

Then, depending on your working version, you must apply the most recent Windows and Word updates. This can lead to conflict in some cases. Because new KB notifications are subject to mistakes, you should seek assistance from a technical expert.

Microsoft’s word overall performance, usability, and value are all exceptional. If you know of a way to get around the “We’re sorry – we’ve encountered an issue” error, please let us know in the comments section below.