Phone’s Wi-fi Connected But Internet Won’t Work – Here How To Fix In 2022

Phone’s Wi-fi Connected But Internet Won’t Workour phone shows that you have Wi-fi connectivity but somehow none of your social networking applications or browsers seem to work.

The good news is that this is problem a menace we all face every now as frequent phone users of the Google age. The bad news however is that there may not be one particular reason for the fault.

The error usually signals that your phone can connect to your local network, but it can’t connect to the internet. To eradicate the problem, we have to find out if our device is the only one effected in the network.

Below, I have jotted down the solutions in the form of multiple scenarios. Try the fixes starting from top to bottom and you should be fine by the end.

Check All Other Devices On The Network

How many devices are connected to your network? Alot, just a few or just yours? This matters a ton and can be a potential reason for the malfunctioning at your end. If the internet isn’t working on one device, try accessing it on another device which is connected to the same network.

If you can access the internet on the other device, that indicates that either there is some technical fault in your device or your router has reached the maximum number of connections.

Check your ISP

To fix the former, read all the given solutions below. To fix the latter, contact your ISP’s customer support and get your router settings fixed to allow for a greater number of concurrent connections.

Check Your ISP

All internet providers have a web-based dashboard or an app to connect to your account dashboard. Try accessing that dashboard and look for the connectivity status section.

The dashboard user interfaces might vary from ISP to ISP, so most of the times users may need assistance from customer support service to perform this step.

Check The Router

Check the Router

Your router may be the problem and you can fix it using these few simple tricks. Restarting the router also works in these scenarios so you can just try that before anything else.

If that didn’t work then see if the router is blocking the network traffic in the router dashboard.

Reconnect WIFI

This ages old trick has always worked wonders in the world of technology. If something isn’t working, the first thing that springs to mind is to perform a soft reset. Just turn your phone off and then back on again.

Reconnect WIFI

Then go to your phone settings and navigate to the wifi section to toggle it on or off. Now head over to your favorite browser and see if it fixes your problem.

Forgive And Forget

Sometimes, when nothing is working, the good ol’ forget method comes in handy. This solution is just an upgraded version of the reconnect solution.Forgive and Forget

All you have to do is go to settings, then forget whichever Wifi network you are connected to and then reconnect to it.

Reset Network Settings On Phone

Resetting network settings on your phones can be of huge help sometimes, especially if you have been using the device for a long period of time without a hard reset.

The process is simple in most phones and its relatively similar in both Apple and Android.

What Does it Do? Is it Safe?

It is absolutely safe and will not delete or remove any of the data in your hard drive. Resetting network settings brings back all the network related settings to their original state.

By original state, we mean how they would appear and work in a new device or when you fully reset (factory reset) your device.
For IOS Users

For Android Users


If you’ve read all the solutions, your problem should be fixed by now. If it is not, there is no need to panic. While technology has made our lives relatively easy in a gazillion ways, there are times when we can get an absolute headache when trying to get rid of even the simplest of problems.

So, if you are still facing internet connectivity issues on your phone, let us know your phone model and make in the comments section below and our dev team will try to assist you.

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