Is MSI Z390-A Pro Good For Gaming? – Top Features In 2022

Is MSI Z390-A Pro Good For Gaming

Every motherboard has a specialty in a different department. Each of them has a strength in something, whether it’s designing, photography, content writing, or heavy gaming. MSI-a pro is a perfect choice for gaming.

It comes with all the latest features. MSI Z390-A Pro supports 9th and 8th Gen Intel Core, delivering secure, stable, and fast network connections.

Scroll down and thoroughly read this article to know if MSI Z390-a pro is good for gaming?😃

Features of MSI-a pro Z390

1. Comprehensive Cooling

Cooling of your PC is an essential feature for a fast-performing system that wouldn’t heat up even after gaming for hours.

Useless or non-effective cooling systems can be the cause of shutting down or blowing up of the system. This can destroy all your downloaded apps.

Therefore, MSI-a pro Z390 provides excellent performance with solid heavy heatsinks and enough fan headers to keep your system cool. Controlled BIOS lets you manage the temperature of your fans and the speed can be adjusted automatically.

MSI fans to have a smooth speed

Hysteresis allows the MSI fans to have a smooth speed and sound level to keep your system silent. Then a water pump PIN header supports up to 2 amp which gives you full control of the water pump speed.

This solid design and feature ensure high-end processors run at full speed and without any hindrance.

2. Incomparable Memory

MSI DDR4 Boost offers perfect stability and performance, ensuring that during gaming your system doesn’t crash. It gives you a clean signal and a higher memory speed without a glitch.

MSI-a Pro Z390 has a DDR4 RAM with 4400MHz that multiplies the transfer rates and less voltage which lessens the overall power consumption by 40%.

This mesmerizing feature offers you faster speed, more capacity, and better quality. You can download as many applications and software without slowing down the PC.

3. Impressive Sound-Quality

Experience the greatest sound system while sitting back home. MSI audio boost delivers the best sound quality through high-quality audio capacitors.

MSI audio boost delivers


Audio capacitors support the amplifier by providing it with the power for short bursts, making the amplifier give its best performance.

Then HD audio connectors transmit the audio with a pure digital signal, providing you with perfect sound quality.

Built-in EMI-shielded HD audio processors prevent EMI or RFI from impacting sensitive electronics. It absorbs the electromagnetic radiation by a component, therefore acting as a shield and letting you spend time with the best sound quality.

Separated layers in the PCB make sure that for the left and right audio channels there is an equal amount of sound quality.

4. User-Friendly Design

DIY users can relish countless features through troubleshooting tools to satisfy their demands.

Circuitry of the motherboard MSI-a pro-Z390 makes sure that no component has been in contact with the motherboard and hasn’t damaged the motherboard. This keeps the case standoff and keeps out zones clean.

Onboard LEDs, a convenient feature Installed In The Motherboard, guides you to the source of the problem. So that you can detect the problem quickly and get your PC running again in no time.

After that, enlarged PCI-e clips help you remove and swap your devices easily without any trouble.

5. Faster USB Performance

Transfer speed of up to 10 GB/s gives you a chance to read and write files over your USB faster and with stability. Intel TURBO USB 3.1 GEN 2 provides better speed and performance than the previous launch of Gen 1.

Reversible USB connector present in the MSI-a pro-Z390 motherboard allows the devices to connect without any hassle.


Choosing a motherboard for the best gaming session can be a difficult choice to make. We have resolved your query in the above article that is MSI-a pro-Z390 the best choice for gaming or not?

Comprehensively we have pointed out all the features of MSI-a pro Z390 that make it the best option for heavy gamers.

These captivating features are comprehensive cooling, incomparable memory, faster USB performance,  impressive sound quality, and user-friendly design.