MSI Z390-A Pro Manual | Everything You Need To Know In 2022

MSI Z390-A Pro Manual

MSI z390-a pro is a professional powerhouse motherboard that is built upon the Z390 chipset. Motherboard is consists of extended heatsinks, core boost, DDR4 Boost, Turbo M.2, and every other feature that makes it unique and the perfect choice.


  • Extended heatsinks
  • Fastest motherboard
  • Large Memory

Have a look at this article to further be acquainted bout the motherboard MSI Z390-A Pro that contains various mesmerizing features and to know how to install a motherboard.

Important Features of MSI z390-a pro

1. Extended Heatsinks

Extended Heatsinks motherboard

Motherboard MSI z390 has one of the best cooling systems. Comprehensive cooling system is an essential feature for the reliable performance of a motherboard. It keeps your system cooled down for several hours without any sort of inconvenience.

BIOS and software of the MSI Z390-A Prolet you control the speed and temperature of your system and CPU fans. Feature of total fan control allows you to inspect the characteristics through a graphical interface.

Fan headers of MSI can automatically detect the fans running in DC or PWM mode. If you don’t want your system to make unnecessary noise then for that the feature of hysteresis is the best option.

MSI z390-a pro supports a water pump PIN header up to 2amp which gives you control over the water pump speed.

2. Fastest Motherboard

One of the fastest motherboards contains various features to take its place as number one.

fastest motherboards contains various features

DDR4 Boost technology situated in the motherboard provides you with astounding capability by picking up from a huge number of different memory kits.

After that, turbo M.2 delivers the speed up to 32Gb/s with the use of PCI-express Gen3 x4. It has 6 SATA 3.0 hard drive slots that transfer speeds up to 6GB/s.

High speed of data transfer lets you download or save heavy documents without the system freezing up. By this, the PC takes minimum loading time which saves up your time.

3. Large Memory

Large memory lets you run your games smoothly and it also upgrades the visuals of a game. The Large memory lets you open multiple applications at a time making it easier for multitaskers who want to save up their time.

It contains dual DDR4 memory that provides you with better speed and bandwidth. Designed for powerful processors and has a better capacity.

How To Install MSI Z390-A Pro Motherboard?

1. Necessary Steps Before Installing

Before installing an MSI z390-a pro you should keep a few necessary things in mind. First of all, make sure that your workstation is clean and free of any dust otherwise dust will damage your motherboard.

Then remember to use gloves to avoid any kind of unnecessary oil from your hands harming the components.

So take out the components and pick up the motherboard from them. Leave the motherboard attached to the foam and place it on the anti-static bag. Take the blanking plate and remove the parts of it, if you need to.

After this install the blanking plate by pushing it into the gap at the rear of your case. Clip it perfectly so it doesn’t move.

motherboard to the power supply

Then slide the motherboard carefully into the case by examining the holes. Then fit the risers and slide the motherboard into place.

Now you are ready to connect the motherboard to the power supply and after completing this process connect the secondary connector.

There you have a fully connected motherboard with amazing features and quality.


We have written in detail about the MSI z390-a pro motherboard. By reading this article you will get to know all about some important features and ways of installing the motherboard perfectly.

MSI z390-a pro contains extended heatsinks, large memory, and is the fastest running motherboard.