Is X570 Better Than X470 Motherboard – Top Difference In 2022

Is X570 Better Than X470 Motherboard

Is X570 better than X470?

Deciding whether X570 is better than X470 is a difficult choice to make. As you have to thoroughly go through all the features and factors in detail, we have made your decision easy by pointing out all the important aspects that should be considered.

So, scroll down and get the answer to your query.ūüėÄ

1. Comparing X570 with X470


Keeping the motherboard cool is an essential feature because important components will overclock themselves if it exceeds the thermal limits.

2. X570 motherboard has a comprehensive cooling system.

Here is the list of its components:

  • Active chipset heat sink
  • MOS heat sink with an 8mm heat pipe
  • Dual onboard M.2 heat sink
  • A water pump

A chipset heat sink keeps the chipset on the motherboard cool. Then, MOS and dual M.2 heatsink keep the heat flow away to protect the components from any type of damage.

 Motherboard X470 Has

  • Built-in 6 fan headers
  • Full fan control
  • DC/PWM mode
  • Water-cooling ready
    Motherboard X470

PWM mode controls the speed of the fans by regulating the voltage signal. After that, total fan control lets you inspect the characteristics of the primary system in a convenient graphical way.


For enjoying a good session of gaming, you need to have the best audio quality. X570 gives you an extraordinary sound for music or gaming audio experience.

First Of All, the X570 Consists Of Highly Reliable Audio

  • Supreme S1220A
  • Sound unbound
  • Sonic Studio III X570h
  • Provides audio amplifiers¬†
  • Maximize the potential of headsets, giving you an extraordinary sound for music or gaming audio experience.

On the other hand, the X470 motherboard has three features for improving the audio quality. Giving you a chance to enjoy the best audio.

3. Motherboard Consists Of Best Quality Audio Features

  • Audio boost,¬†
  • Audio capacitors,¬†
  • Golden audio jacks
  • Good sound quality in stereo and surround sound¬†
  • Studio-level headphones.

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4. Speed And Capacity

Motherboard X570

Fast RAM with a large capacity gives you an opportunity to increase the speed at which the memory transfers information to other components. X570 lets heavy gamers, photographers, and many more use their system without a glitch.

5. Motherboard X570 Lets You Enjoy Your Time Without A Break

  • Memory capacity of 128GB¬†
  • No Glitch
  • It can run up to 4400 MHz and above when overclocked.¬†

X470 consists of a large memory capacity and fast speed but less than the X570 motherboard. 

6. With X470 You Can Download As Many Documents As You Want

  • X470 can take in 64GB of memory capacity¬†
  • Can download as many documents as you want¬†
  • Speed is up to 3466 MHz and above when overclocked.¬†

It doesn’t have a memory capacity and speed as high as X570 but still, it can cover up your needs.


Over the years various and different features have been introduced for improving the connectivity for both X570 and X470 motherboards.

7. Motherboard X570 Consists Of All The Features You Ever Wished For

  • X570 supports PCI-e 4.0
  • ¬†HDMI 2.0
  • Display port 1.2
  • Dual M.2¬†
  • USB 3.2 type-A and type-C connectors
  • Utilizes M.2-2 slots without disconnecting the other slots
  • Doubles the effectiveness of bandwidth
  • Increases the speed of the hard drives.

Motherboard X470 has been launched by keeping all the factors and characteristics in mind.
X470 Comes With Some Amazing Connectivity Features

  • Steel armor PCI-e slots¬†
  • Supports a 3-way AMD crossfire¬†
  • Provide high bandwidth¬†
  • High speed
  • Improve the performance of the rendering of 3D graphics.


Finally, after reviewing all the features and comparison of X570 and X470. We now come to the question of that, Is X570 better than X470? The answer to this query is yes, X570 outperforms X470 in terms of performance and quality.

 Reason for this response is that X570 has a better cooling system with all the new and outstanding functioning features. Following that, X570 has a much larger capacity and faster speed with 128GB memory capacity and 4400MHz. It even offers its customers high-quality audio.

In the end, it consists of PCI-e 4.0 and M.2 Gen4 which offers blazing speed for the best storage and graphics. The X570 motherboard also offers the fastest running USB ports. These features aren’t present in the X470 motherboard.