How To Test Motherboard? – Easy Ways For Testing In 2022

HOW To test a motherboard

If you get your hands on a problematic motherboard it can make the whole system difficult to use and will ruin the computer.

Before you buy a motherboard you must test it to know if it is working right and are there any issues that will make your CPU work in a bad way.

So, today we are going to shed light on how to test motherboards and tell you the easy ways and steps that you must follow.

You should avoid a bad motherboard because that can leave poor effects on your computer. 😀

Importance Of Motherboard

We can’t ignore the fact that the motherboard is one of the most important components of a computer because it will go together with all of the parts and make sure that the system is working properly.

If you take an example of the human brain you can understand how important the motherboard is because just like the brain keeps everything in order, the motherboard performs the same function.

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When this crucial part of the computer is not performing well your whole system will be useless and there will be a lot of lack and hiccups in the performance.

If the motherboard is unstable it will not just devalue your computer at all to leave a bad impact on the USB port GPU system and also the CPU of the computer. 

Ways To Check Health Of Motherboard


The main topic we are discussing today is how we can check if the motherboard is healthy or not and here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Symptoms Of Motherboard Failure 

Here are a few symptoms that would make sure if the motherboard is working fine or not and they can be the ways to exam your motherboard.

This information and the symptoms we are mentioning will help you in understanding the working of your motherboard. 

1. Physical Damage

If some parts of your motherboard are physically damaged and you can see there is a problem in the motherboard you can tell that it might not be working well.

Otherwise, if the weather is overheating above a certain level or you can notice a defect in the material of the board there might be a problem.

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The age of the motherboard also makes a lot of difference because the old ones would result in leaked or bloated capacitors.

If you notice something like this you must understand that something is wrong with the board.

2. Burning Smell

If it is usual for your motherboard to smell like something is burning it might be a symptom of the failure of the board.

This type of smell is noticed when there is overheating above a certain level and that can be due to any incompatible component of the board.

You can take examples of the RAM of them in the world because if that part is not working well it might result in a burning odor.

3. Blue Screen


The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) shows that there is a problem with your motherboard and it might be already dead. This is an error that shows your windows are stopped and there is a problem behind the system.

Most of the time it indicates a problem in the hardware or the driver but it can be the motherboard as well so you need to stay focused on that too. 

4. Malfunctioning Applications

If you noticed that the computer applications are not performing well and are crashing down then there might be a problem with the motherboard.

This will lead to the motherboard crashing and there will be a lot of lags and hiccups in the system.

Motherboard Tests To Try

Here are a few things that you can perform to check if the motherboard is working or not.

1. Power Button Test

If you turn on the power button but your computer screen does not start booting that will not mean that the motherboard is bad because there can be a few other factors affecting it.

It might be due to the power supply unit so make sure you don’t blame it on the motherboard and check other components.

2. Visual Check

Next up you will have to perform a visual check of the hardware to see if there is any damage or problems in the mother that you can notice from the outside.

First, check the plugged capacitors and see if they are leaking or bulging. If so, your motherboard might be bad.

If there is leaking, the blown capacitor will cause the problem and it can be due to any issues in the motherboard. You will have to precisely change the capacitors. 

Other than that, perform a complete check and see if anything smells like burning and if you can find any bent pins that might be the reason for the bad motherboard.

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3. Power Supply Unit Check


It’s really important to check the power supply unit of your motherboard because what are the times people neglect it.

This unit offers power to the system but if there are any problems, it can lead to permanent system damage. In case the Lord is too much to handle, this can damage the components as well. 

4. Beep Code Check

Now you will have to check if you are getting the beep code from the motherboard or not. For this purpose, you will have to remove all the plugs of devices and only keep the memory and CPU in.

Now you will have to start your pro computer system and perform the post. If there aren’t any beeps generated that means the source of the problem is in the motherboard.

You will have to check the beep good and different manufacturers come with different types of codes that you will have to learn. 

5. Other Tests

Here are two quick tests that can also be helpful for your motherboard testing. 

  • Reset the CMOS of your board after restarting it.
  • Test your motherboard again without the PC to see if it is working fine on any other device

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