How To Stop Chrome From Hogging Memory? Top 7 Ways To Reduce In 2022

How To Stop Chrome From Hogging Memory

Introduction  To Stop Chrome From Hogging Memory

With a fast page loading speed, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. The good news is that Google Chrome uses less memory than other browsers.

When searching for or studying a topic, many researchers use multiple tabs. Is it possible to make it more user-friendly? Of course, its usage is friendly, but why does Google Chrome consume so much memory?

Do not be alarmed if your Google Chrome is using too much memory. The RAM is designed to store data; otherwise, it would be useless. The only issue arises when your RAM causes your Android/system to slow down. In this article, we’ll look at why Chrome uses so much memory.

Most of us have a lot of tabs open in our browser. When one tab crashes, it affects the entire Google Chrome application. This is due to the fact that Google Chrome tasks split up with each new tab you open. Memory is used by the extensions and plugins you install on Google Chrome.

How To Stop Google Chrome From Using Too Much Memory?

The problem can be caused by a number of factors, including disabled hardware acceleration, enabled Google extensions, more tabs open, and/or an outdated Google Chrome application.

How To Stop Google Chrome From Using Too Much Memory

The troubleshooting methods listed below can be used to fix Google Chrome that is consuming too much memory.

However, before attempting any of the suggested fixes described below, it’s preferred to refresh your computer. This action will clean operating system and eliminate any corrupt data items that could be causing the problem.

Task Manager Can Be Used To Disable Chrome’s Background.

Shift+Esc (Mac) or Shift+Esc (Windows) To open task manager on a Mac, go to Windows>Task Manager. You can see how much memory Chrome is using from Task Manager.

If memory usage is higher than usual, close the tabs or uninstall the memory-hogging extensions. There will be a list of tabs appear. Close the tabs by terminating the memory-intensive process.

Making Use Of Extensions 

Is it important for you to open a lot of tabs? Here are a few extensions that allow you to save tabs.

The Suspender Of The Universe

The Suspender Of The Universe Extension

The great suspender is a chrome extension for storing tabs. When compared to Google Chrome, it takes much longer to open tabs. If you don’t use Google Chrome for a while, it will shut down a lot of tabs.

A Single Tab

The one tab also provides a positive experience for users. It opens all tabs with a single click.

Buddy For The Session

Session buddy extensions organize tabs and allow you to open them later.

Clear Your Cache

Clear Your Chrome Cache

Chrome’s performance can be improved by clearing the cache. Type chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and press ENTER. If you don’t want to clear all of your history, you can choose a small amount of unnecessary data to delete.

To Control RAM Usage, Use Chrome Flags

In Google Chrome, there is a flag feature that automatically discards background in the system/android. You will not be able to open them until you click on them.

  • In the Google address bar, type chrome:/flags. Toggle on “Automatic tab discarding and the switch tab.” The Show Saved Copy Button appears after you discard the tab and asks if you want to reload it.
  • After you’ve discarded the tab, The Show Saved Copy Button appears, asking whether you want to reload the tab or not.

Use Different Browsers

Use Different Browsers

Mozilla and Internet Explorer are two browsers that are underappreciated. Because Google Chrome has you enslaved by saving your passwords. Any websites that do not require password saving can be opened in separate tabs for a change of pace and to reduce the load on your system/android.

Google Chrome has its own task manager as well.

When you open the Google Chrome task manager, you can quickly see which tabs and extensions are using too much memory.

Restart Your Computer And Reopen All Of Your Tabs

Restart Your Computer And Reopen All Of Your Tabs

Closing and reopening tabs can also temporarily stop Google Chrome from crashing. You can restore all of your tabs, so don’t worry if they vanish.

On Chrome, Stay Safe

After you’ve finished cleaning up your memory, there’s always the risk of losing your privacy. To keep your Chrome browser safe, it is recommended that you use a reputable VPN. Check to see if the VPN you’re using is legal in your country.

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Bottom Lines

You can try out all of the above options to see which one best suits your browser. When multiple tabs are open in Chrome, it consumes too much memory.

Both the system and the Google Chrome browser can be used to terminate the task. The extensions consume an excessive amount of memory. You can also turn off the extensions.

The major solutions to high memory usage include clearing your cache, switching browsers, reopening tabs, and installing related extensions.

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