How To Resolve The DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration Error? Solved In [2022]

How To Resolve The DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration Error


DNS probe finished bad configuration is the most common and stressful malicious program in chrome. This is connected to domain name mapping errors with your computer’s network addresses. What must I do?

Because the reasons for those errors vary, the search for a hassle has to start with physical devices to your network and work its way to the computer, for example, a router — first, a quick primer on how DNS works.

What Does The DNS Probe Mean When It Says It’s Finished With A Bad Configuration?

What Does The DNS Probe

When you attempt to enter a useful resource in google chrome, this error commonly appears.

From the textual content to the errors, it is apparent that the difficulty is associated with the DNS. DNS is used to get facts about a website through searching up its name.


When this situation does not occur, issues arise. Unless it’s been modified in any way, your laptop is about to apply DNS through a router or modem, which makes use of your provider’s DNS server by default.

Using public DNS servers is constantly recommended due to the fact they may be the most stable and dependable answer available on the internet. That is what we will talk about in this article today.

In addition, incorrect access in the host’s file might also motivate trouble in google chrome in the shape of DNS probe finished bad config, which may restrict or block access to certain or all network resources.

So, let’s circulate directly to the strategies for resolving the DNS probe finished bad config Error In Google Chrome, which might be easy to implement.


1. Reconfiguration By Hand

This procedure necessitates a simple manual DNS address reconfiguration. This is accomplished by going to the network sharing center (the button found at the bottom right of the toolbar on your desktop).

Use this method for a quick and easy manual overhaul of the network settings. The steps to take are as follows:

  • Right-click the network icon in the windows toolbar’s extreme right corner. If you’re using a LAN connection, it’ll be in the shape of a monitor; if you’re using a wi-fi connection, it’ll be in the shape of a wi-fi symbol.
  • “open network and sharing center” should be selected.
  • Select the local area network from the drop-down menu above. On the subject of picking, a new dialogue box will appear. Select “properties.”
  • Select “Internet Protocol version 4” from the next dialogue box that appears and press the ‘enter’ key.
  • After you’ve completed the steps above, a new dialogue box will appear. “use the following DNS server addresses” should be selected.
  • In the alternate DNS server and preferred DNS server sections, enter the values [] and [], respectively.
  • Press “ok” after checking the “validate settings upon exit” checkbox.

2. Deactivating The Firewall And Antivirus Software

As previously stated, the DNS probe finished bad config error can also be caused by inconsistencies in your system’s firewall or antivirus settings.

Deactivating The Firewall And Antivirus Software

If you started getting the error after updating your antivirus software or changing the settings on your firewall, it’s possible that this is the source of your problems.

Only turning off one of the two and checking if the error is resolved is the only way to know for sure what the real cause of the error is. If turning one-off (while the other stays on) solves the problem, you’ll need to go back to the previous version of the software that’s causing the issue.

3. Getting Rid Of Website Filters

Getting Rid Of Website Filters

This error is known to be caused by a variety of website filters or blocking extensions. If you’re having problems after installing or upgrading such software, consider temporarily disabling it or uninstalling it.

Check your browser for the error once more. If it works properly, the problem is caused by the software. It is recommended that you contact your vendor to have the software fixed.

4. Repairing Hardware

A hardware malfunction can also cause your browser’s DNS probe to finish with a bad config error. Consider turning off your laptop or pc (along with any other related systems) and disconnecting it from all power sources in this situation. Keep in mind that your LAN cable and router/DSL box should be turned off and disconnected as well.

To ensure that the flow of electricity in your devices is completely drained, leave the entire system alone for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, turn the system on and reconnect it to see if the error appears again.

Bottom Lines

Keeping track of any updates or changes you make to your device is always a good idea. Maintaining a log can assist you in identifying target areas and loopholes more quickly. It can also assist you in deciding which option to pursue.

As a result, the first step is to back up any system changes, updates, or new software installations. It’s also a good idea to double-check your hardware connections.

When you know which step you need to take to fix this error, you can solve it faster. Decisions made in a hurry frequently worsen the situation. As a result, it’s critical not to panic and consider all options before settling on one.