How To Repair A Broken HDMI Port? Simple Fix For NO SIGNAL Message

How To Repair A Broken HDMI Port

When using an HDMI connection, a problem with the HDMI cable or port might cause the television to stop working properly. When you can’t see or hear anything on your TV, it’s a sign that your HDMI port is broken.

Repairing a broken HDMI port is incredibly hard and should only be sought if you are very confident in soldering tiny connections.

The cost of repair is determined by the device to which the HDMI port is connected and the intensity of breakage.

When too much pressure is applied to the HDMI port on certain devices, it can be broken. Knowing how to repair a broken HDMI port in this article will save you a lot of time and aggravation.



Knowing what could be causing a bad HDMI cable can make finding a solution much easier.

Your HDMI cable might become destroyed and need to be changed if you notice any scuffed or exposed wires.

These are the most common indicators that your HDMI port has been damaged.

  • The HDMI ports are not overly tight, and the cables may become loose.
  • Issues with a handshake.
  • The image is sporadic.
  • The resolution is poor.
  • There is no sound.
  • Image that is hazy or fuzzy.

Steps To Follow To Repair Broken HDMI Port

  1. Remove the television from the wall. To mitigate a broken screen during the process, place the TV on a flat surface. This step will be determined by the extent of the damage. Physically inspect the board before beginning this process to look for noticeable disconnections.
  2. Remove the casing from the television. If the housing won’t break easily, look for and remove any screws that are clutching it in place. Each set will be unique, so clear your head and be gentle with yourself.
  3. The fault often occurs in between the port and the junction box. Examine the port and the circuit board to which it is connected for any broken connections and the HDMI port for any signs of damage. This test should be performed for all of the available pins on an HDMI port, which usually has about 19 of them. Use the reliability tester to test the circuits if you can’t see any breaks.
  4. Re-solder any broken links to the port from which they were removed. Keep the original connector in place if the impairment to the port is only a few broken solder points. Inspect the port to ensure that the port’s pins are connected properly to the circuit board.
  5. Take note of the circuit board’s connection points. If the HDMI port is physically damaged beyond repair, de-solder it. Allow the HDMI port’s broadside to face the solder-side connections. Make sure that the pins should be connected in the following order:
  • pin number 1 is on the top left,
  • Pin 2 is located in the lower-left corner.
  • On the top, pin 3 is from the left.
  • Pin 18 is located in the lower right corner.
  • Pin 19 is located in the upper right corner.

With the desoldering pump, remove the melted solder and the HDMI port that has been damaged.

  1. Match the pin connections on the new HDMI port to the circuit board. Make sure the pin connections are correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Repair The HDMI Port On A Television?

The power connector that the HDMI Port Connects to may be damaged if the circuit board continues to keep pushing on and off. The repairing cost, in this case, ranges from $200 to $300.

What Are HDMI Splitters?

The HDMI signal from one source is split into two identical sources by an HDMI splitter. They can also communicate back and forth between the screen and the content source.

This will not only enable high-quality digital signal copying but will also typically boost that signal.

Due to the length of the HDMI cable, splitters in use with long HDMI cables could have signal quality problems.

Is It Safe To Use HDMI Splitters?

Due to the length of the HDMI cable, splitters used with quite long HDMI cables could have signal quality issues. It’s riskier to use low-quality hardware or a non-powered HDMI Splitter.

What Is The Optimal Number Of HDMI Ports For A Television?

The number of HDMI ports on your TV should ideally match the number of devices in your setup.

Purchasing a television with at least three HDMI ports is recommended, but four is preferable because it provides more flexibility.


You can save a lot of time if you know how to fix a broken HDMI port and have the required tools and skills. The extent and nature of the problem will determine how to repair the HDMI port.

A pair of pliers can be used to repair minor breaks and bends. If the issue is more internal, however, you can sometimes have to do some soldering.