How To Fix Connecting To Wifi But No Internet Access – STEP BY STEP Guide [2022]

How To Fix Connecting To Wifi But No Internet Access

When your WiFi network is up and running, but your Internet isn’t, it’s extremely frustrating. The network appears in your WiFi-menu, and you’ve entered the correct password, but when you open your browser, nothing happens.

What’s the matter with your WiFi? It’s possible that a variety of factors are to blame. Sometimes the solution is as simple as updating your router or performing a quick reboot.

However, things can get a little more complicated at times. As a result, we’ve put together a guide to assist you in troubleshooting your network and getting your wifi back on track. Let’s get started with the simple tips we covered at the top of this guide.

What Are The Exact Places To Look?

If you’re having network problems, there are usually two places to look:

  • Router
  • The Device
If the Internet is not running on all the devices for your network, it is probably that your Router/Modem is malfunctioning. You also can investigate the ADSL cable to peer if it is twisted or broken.

If the net is not running on a single tool, it is probable that the tool’s wifi adapter is malfunctioning, making it hard for the tool to communicate with the router. The following are the fixes to solve the Wi-Fi-related but no internet error.

Methods To Fix The Issue

1. Device Restart

Device Restart The WiFi

I understand the way it sounds, and a maximum of you have possibly carried out it a few times already, however in case you haven’t, you have to.

The top vintage reboot forces network gadgets to reload their configuration documents and refresh their IP tables. Both the router and the modem have to be turned off (if you have one).

After that, please wait 30 seconds earlier than restarting them. You have to restart your laptop to make sure that the whole lot is in running order. After you’ve got reset all your devices, strive to connect once more to see if it works.

2. Examine The Modem Lights

Examine The Modem Lights of wifi

It’s feasible that the problem is together with your internet connection instead of the devices connected. To be positive, examine the router’s WAN light and spot if it is blinking. Check to look if the WAN light is on or off all the time.

The DSL lighting must, in maximum cases, be ON or green, and the wifi indicator lighting must blink. If you are no longer sure of a way to check, name your ISP’s customer support branch to affirm the continuing net problem. Inquire approximately the duration of time it’ll take to solve the problem.

3. The Internet Service Provider Is Down

Search your ISP on Downdetector by the usage of your cellular data. Let’s pretend it is AT&T. Here, you could look up the most famous ISPs and spot if their servers are down or if they’re experiencing an outage.

most famous ISPs and spot

This beneficial site continues the tune of insurance around the sector and permits you to test it based on your location. To see if it is down for a part of the sector, visit the Live Outage option.

An easy seek on social media sites and Twitter can also screen whether or not different customers are experiencing comparable problems wherein wifi is enabled; however, no net is available.

4. Antivirus Software Or Another Type Of Security Software

In the past, the antivirus software program has been recognized to motive net problems. Disable your antivirus and different protection apps, including malware, for some time to look if the wifi is linked.

Antivirus Software Or Another Type Of Security Software

But no net error is resolved. If it is the case, you recognize in which to look next. If this isn’t the case, circulate directly to the following step.

I’d additionally advise going for walks a complete or entire antivirus and Malwarebytes test at this factor to make sure you are now no longer inflamed with something risky it is inflicting this error.

5. Make Use Of The Built-In Troubleshooter

If the net is operating on at the least one of the linked devices and is best at the ISP’s end, then the wifi adapter is, maximum, possibly the problem. The integrated troubleshooter that incorporates Windows and Macs can effortlessly restore this.

Make Use Of The Built-In Troubleshooter

Select ‘Troubleshoot issues‘ from the context menu of the community icon in the taskbar. Windows will search for and attach community issues on its own.

If it’s far not able to solve the issue, it’ll take a minimum of inform you of the issue. You can search for the solution online or post a query in the comments section below.

6. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Finally, it’s your Internet Service Provider’s obligation to make sure that you are continually related to the Internet, in particular in the event that they provided the router and modem.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If not one of the above recommendations worked, touch your ISP and explain the scenario in detail. They need to be capable of offering troubleshooting commands over the phone.

If they’re not able to solve the problem over the phone, you could request that an agent bodily check out the device. And also troubleshoot on the Phone To Connecting The WiFi.

Bottom lines

There is no single way to trouble wifi connectivity but no internet access. Most software-associated problems have to be resolved with the use of the recommendation provided above.

If there may be a hardware issue, inclusive of a damaged network card or router, you’ll want to touch the maintenance team.

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