How To Choose a Motherboard – The Info You Need To Know In 2022

how to choose a motherboard


There are a lot of high-end models that you have no doubt about buying but how will you be sure of your purchase?

Today we will be discussing how to choose a motherboard and explain to you the matter in detail.

Many factors go into your purchase, no matter what the product is. You need to keep your budget in mind, along with that many other points make a lot of difference.

Building a PC means you will be handpicking each element that will be going into your system and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

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Apart from the CPU, the motherboard is the second most essential feature of your system so you must put special effort into finding it and making sure that you will be getting the best motherboard for your computer. 

Don’t Get Confused by Fancy Features


Most of the brands and different companies are using some confusing sets of features that can be just words and not anything special in reality.

Before you go shopping, make sure you know all the terms you need to look for and then select yours. 

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People tend to spend most of their money on different parts forgetting that they will be plugged into your chipset or motherboard.

The start will remind them that they need to understand the complexities of different features and how they affect other parts of the computer system.

Don’t blow your build budget on the unnecessary features, instead go for what you really need. 

Choose a Budget

There are different ranges of the price that motherboards are available in. You need to evaluate your needs indeterminant about your budget so that you get all the features without breaking your bank.
 You could find motherboards in literally every kind of price range so make sure you don’t need a met and all the features that are important for your system are included in the board. 

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Price Tag Is Not Everything

The prices can vary from $60 up to as much as a thousand dollars so you can see which one is the right choice for you.

Most of the people just put all of their attention into buying the best graphic cards and see views forgetting that the motherboard will be accommodating all of them.

It will be fine how much you can plug into the computer depending on the CPU sockets and chipset. That way you can determine what kind of board you need for your computer.

The Basics To Keep In Mind

There are a few factors that will make a difference in an expensive motherboard and you need to make sure which ones are your abilities to spend your money wisely. 

  • Size or the board
  • Chipsets 
  • Ports and slots
  • Connectors
  • RAM Slots


These basic features and a complex design of the motherboard can vary from one product to another so make sure that you know how this works before going shopping.

This way you could save yourself from spending extra money and know which options you have to focus on and which ones to ignore. 

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Tips To Spend Wisely

Here we have discussed some of the main points that you need to keep in mind and make a purchase according to that.

1. Check The Sockets

Make sure that your CPU comes with all the sockets that you will be needing to the plugin for support.

There are some of the great CPU options available in the market that have supporting sockets. You can either go for Intel or AMD, just make sure the sockets are in place.

  The latest AMD chipsets have sockets for AM4and the Intel CPU 9th Gen will be needing LGA 1151v2 sockets to be plugged into your CPU. 

2. Size Of Your Motherboard


There are three different sizes of motherboards available in the market. The ATX is the largest size, Micro-ATX is the middle one and Mini ITX is the smallest one available. 

  • ATX is the most high-end option out there with the largest size and more space for slots and plugs.
  • Micro ATX provides 2.4 inches less room for your plugs and slots.
  • Mini ITX will work with a really tiny PC because this one only comes with the space for the card and a little number of connectors. 

Select from these three sizes depending on your needs and the slot that you will be looking for.

The micro and Mini itx Motherboards will not provide you with as many PLIe slots and RAM banks as the ATX one will.

There are a lot of extra connectors in the ATX too so make sure you keep that in mind before choosing one. This motherboard doesn’t come with many features and slots as well. 

3. Affordable Decent Features

You can find a motherboard that is all the decent features but not anything fancy under $100 and that will be a great choice.

If you want to get more ports and slots then going a little higher up to $150 can be your fit. 

Although if you have some really expensive desktop chips, you will have to get a motherboard that matches the price and features.

Let’s say you have AMD Threadripper, this will cause you to spend around $200 or above for your motherboard shopping. 

4. Determine Your Needs

You don’t have to pay for any high-end features like built-in Wi-Fi and a lot of ports and slots if you do not need them.

In case you’re okay with a wired connection motherboard don’t spend some extra bucks to go for the wireless option because that will be a waste of money. 

Extra Features That You Might Need

Here are a few extra features that might improve your whole motherboard experience. We have discussed them seriously to give you an idea if you need them or not.

1. On-Board Power Switch

These switches can be really handy for the building of your system but are not necessary for your motherboard for an average user. 

2. WiFi Card

If your Internet is not really close to your computer system then you will have to including a Wi-Fi card as well for catching signals. 

3. Dual Ethernet Ports

This port delivers a lot of bandwidth to deal with the Internet traffic and helps to use your computer as a server by generating two connections into one. 

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