The GIGABYTE H110-D3A Motherboard – Comprehensive Review in 2022

GIGABYTE H110-D3A review

Gigabyte is back with another motherboard, the H110-D3A.

GIGABYTE H110-D3A Motherboard


This board has a lot of features that are perfect for gamers or anyone looking to build a powerful rig on a budget.

GIGABYTE H110-D3A Motherboard – Review In 2022

GIGABYTE H110-D3A Motherboard – Review In 2021
  • AMD Ryzen Processors
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC 
  • High Quality Audio 
  • GIGABYTE Exclusive

The blog will go over some of the specs and then move onto actual user reviews to see what people are saying about this board. Join me in exploring this board below!



  • The GIGABYTE GA-H110M-D3H is a modern ATX motherboard that offers you the most essential features to build a solid foundation.
  •  It comes with dependable components and is packed with more value
  • delivering the best quality product design for DIY professionals who want to build their own PC.
  •  An LGA1151 socket designed for 7th-generation Intel processors
  • provides better scalability and compatibility for your computing needs.
  • works flawlessly with DDR4 memory modules as well as PCIe M.2 technology to provide fast data transfer


The H110-D3A motherboard is a great choice for mining. It has 6 PCIex16 slots, maximizing your GPUs’ power while keeping costs low with fewer PCIe lanes to worry about.

You can also get more value out of it if you are buying multiple rigs because this board supports up to 4 CPUs at once!

The Gigabyte H110-D3A Motherboard is an excellent product that will be beneficial when used in cryptocurrency mining operations due to its high CPU support and ability to accommodate six graphics cards simultaneously on the same machine while allowing each card their maximum potential performance output.

GIGABYTE H110-D3A Motherboard

1. LOWER EMI ( electromagnetic interference 

Some people refer to hashrate as a sort of lottery, since it is an irreducible factor that depends on many others.

However, there are ways to reduce the risks of GPU hashrates dropping by lowering EMI radiation with high-quality motherboards like GA-H110D3A from Gigabyte. It has double thickness PCB tracks for more power capacity and less electromagnetic interference (EMI).


To prevent the motherboard from overheating, Gigabyte provides a unique cooling system.


While other motherboards have heatsinks that are designed to dissipate heat from hot spots only, this one has larger and more efficient ones that cover all of them.

With these features in mind, you can be sure your computer will still run smoothly even after months without being restarted!


As mining becomes more popular, miner-specific motherboards are being released.

The GA-H110 is a great motherboard for both miners and gamers because it supports the latest GPUs and has faster M.2 storage than SATA 3.

Bottom Line:

I am a miner and my motherboard is very important. That’s why I was pleased when Gigabyte sent me their GA-H110-D3A to review.

This board has seen some serious use, but it still works as if it were new! It’s been running 24/7 for months now without any issues whatsoever.

The H110 chipset makes this mobo perfect for mining rigs since the power consumption is really low compared to other boards that are made with specific purposes in mind (like gaming or overclocking).

As soon as I get enough money together to purchase an extra graphics card, I will mount one permanently on top of my rig so you can see how well everything performs under load!


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