Can I Use 4GB And 8GB RAM Together? Can It Affect Performance In 2022

Can I Use 4GB And 8GB RAM Together

Several workers on professional projects must ensure that they have enough memory to run and execute multiple instructions on their computers at the same time.

The more RAM your computer has, the more computer programs you would be able to run simultaneously.

There have been numerous instances where users have chosen 2x4GB RAM from one brand and 1x8GB RAM from different brands and had no issues, while others have encountered potential failures.

RAM is one of the most essential aspects of a smartphone or computer, and there are many false assumptions about it, such as whether 4GB and 8GB RAM can be used together, and so on.

There are standard sticks available with 4 GB or 8 GB of memory, but they will not work together if connected in dual channel mode.

Users might use 8GB RAM as well as 4GB RAM together, but performance will suffer.

  1. There’s a common misconception that you can’t mix RAM sizes, such as incorporating 4GB and an 8GB at the same time or even mixing RAM brands.
  2. To avoid any frequency discrepancies, it’s best if your RAMs are all of the same models. That isn’t to say that different RAM sizes can’t be used in the same computer.
  3. Your RAM need to use the same voltage, and their corresponding controllers should work well with one another and the motherboard for optimal performance.
  4. The RAM’s capacity or size isn’t the only factor to consider.
  5. As with snake-oil applications like RAM boosters, clearing your RAM makes it faster.

Things You’ll Have To Deal With

  1. Make sure they’re both PC3L or PC3 types.
  2. The type and number of pins on your original should match the new one you’ll be adding.
  3. Is your motherboard capable of supporting 12GB of RAM?
  4. Both of the devices must have the same clock speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Eight Gigabytes Of RAM Sufficient?

For those who adhere to efficiency or don’t play modern games, 8GB RAM is sufficient. Except for games that require a good graphics card, it can handle most games.

2. Is RAM A Factor In Lag?

When a computer’s RAM is insufficient, lag can occur. When you click on your computer, it should almost instantly respond. It could result from low RAM if there is a pause of an instant or longer.

3. Is It Possible To Use RAM With Different Hours?

In a dual-channel configuration, when both RAM sticks are good enough to run at the same speed and timings, everything should be fine.

4. Is It Possible For A Computer With Insufficient RAM To Overheat?

Excessive heat can wear out RAM and other components over time. Heating problems can occur when RAM is of poor quality or is defective.

Constituent parts can overheat, or the heat from one element can damage nearby components.

If left unchecked, it will also reduce the life expectancy of your system. Often these computer components, including RAM, can be damaged by power surges.

5. Is It Permissible To Mix RAM Types?

You may not find a change in performance depending on the setup and workload. You can theoretically get any brand, speed, or size of RAM to work on your system, even if it might prove to be difficult.


You can combine the two 4GB and 8GB RAM, but do so with caution. They have to be suitable with each other as well as the processor. For overall system performance, it is preferred that you use two RAM sticks of equal value.