How To Disable Nvidia Container To Fix High CPU Usage – Latest Info In 2022

Disable Nvidia Container to Fix High CPU Usage 

However, some issues, which result from driver updates to Hardware Changes, can cause the process to take up too much of your CPU’s power.

Excessive CPU usage isn’t something a lot of us Gamers like to see, since it has a direct impact on the Game Performance.

Noticing your frames drop on Warzone today? Well, the Nvidia Container might be the Culprit! But, how do we fix it? Can we fix it? Can we remove it? Let us answer all those queries below.

What Causes The Nvidia Container To Take Up A Ton Of CPU Power?

Driver update: One possible cause could be a faulty recent update of your graphics driver.

GeForce Experience: This extra app has one job and that is to enhance your gaming experience. However, sometimes it actually does the opposite by overloading your CPU usage.

Nvidia Telemetry Container: This application is usually the culprit. Luckily, since its only function is to gather data about the graphics card’s functioning, it can be safely disabled.

How To Fix Nvidia Container High CPU Usage?

1. Reroll Your Driver To A Previous Version

In this step, we will try to uninstall the current driver version and download an older one. Follow the steps, please.

I. head over to Device Manager.

Device Manager

II. Under Display adapters, locate your graphics card and click Uninstall device.

III. Visit the official website of NVIDIA downloads. You need to select the correct Product Type, Product Series, Produce Model, and Operating System. Click on Search.

IV. Choose the version before the latest one you just uninstalled from your computer.

V. Download the driver and then right-click the .exe file and choose Run as administrator.

VI. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

2. Turn Off In-Game Overlay

GeForce Experience has a nice little overlay Quick Access Tool that allows you to record videos and take photos without having to minimize your games.

Whilst it is a cool feature, it could be the culprit behind the Infamous High CPU Usage. Follow these steps to disable it.

I. Open GeForce Experience and choose Settings (cogwheel button), then General.

II. Switch the In-game Overlay toggle off.

3. Uninstall GeForce Experience

If the first two methods don’t work for you, try the Uninstall And Reinstall method.

However, if the problem still persists, then you may have to get rid of the Application as a whole.

As mentioned before, GeForce Experience is an application designed to help you optimize your settings for gaming. However, a lot of users have the High CPU Usage Problem because of it, and it is completely safe to remove.

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4. Disable Nvidia Task Scheduler And Telemetry Container:

Nvidia Telemetry Container Monitors and collects data about your CPU usage and behavior, and then forwards it to Nvidia’s end where Potential Bugs and fixes can be dealt with.

However, several users claim that this application causes excessive CPU Consumption.

You can try to disable the tasks scheduled by this program and possibly experience instant improvement in performance.

I. Go to Control Panel and look for “Administrative Tools”.

II. Look for the Task scheduler and load it up.

III. Locate all tasks that begin with the string NvTm. Right-click each of them one by one and then choose Disable.


Now that the scheduled tasks have been disabled, let us go and disable the service itself.

IV. Press and hold the Windows button. Then press R to open up the Run window. Type in services.MSc

V. In the Services, search for NVIDIA Telemetry Container. Right-click it, then choose Properties.

VI. Under Service status, click Stop.

VII. Under Startup type, choose Disabled from the drop-down menu. Click Apply then OK.

Now the telemetry service is disabled. Check if the CPU usage decreased! If it didn’t, it means that the Display Container is still active.

In the next fix, we are going to try and get rid of it by disabling that now.

5. Disable Nvidia Display Container

The Nvidia Display Container is another process that you could disable in order to try and rectify the problem at hand. Much like the 3 aforementioned applications, the display container can also result in high CPU usage.

We will therefore Disable This Task and also delete the related folder.

I. Open up explorer and head over to the following location: C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationDisplay.NvContainerpluginsLocalSystem

II. Right-click the DisplayDriverRAS folder and choose Delete.

III. Now navigate to the following location: C:Program FilesNVIDIA Corporation.

IV. Locate the DisplayDriverRAS folder, right-click and choose Delete.

V. Open Task Manager and end the Nvidia Display Container Local System process.

6. Reboot Services:

I. We are now going to try the ages-old “Turn off then on” trusty on the Nvidia Display Container LS.

II. Open Run and type services. MSC and hit OK.

III. Locate NVIDIA Display Container LS. Right-click it, then choose Stop.

IV. After a short while, right-click again then hit Start.

Check if your problem has been fixed yet. If not, keep your head up because we have got one last fix for you.

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7. Uninstall the Telemetry Container package

Bear in mind that this is not a Recommended Fix and should only be tried should you have no other options left.

This can Potentially Cause system damage. Therefore, always take a backup before you try this!

The Telemetry container package is what controls the whole telemetry process. Deleting it has solved the high CPU issue for many users.

I. Run cmd as Administrator.

II. Type in the following command: “rundll32 “%PROGRAMFILES%NVIDIA CorporationInstaller2Installer CoreNVI2.DLL”,UninstallPackage NV Telemetry Container” and press Enter.

Did your problem get solved? Please let us know.

Final Wording:

While Modern-Day Machines may be generally way better equipped than the beasts of yesteryear, there is still no shortage of uncertainty surrounding incompatibility between hardware and software.

Some systems just do not like Running Certain Applications and services.

Nvidia has quite a Complex Software, that they are trying to adapt to many different computer setups and settings, and this sometimes leads to hiccups. We hope you found these Methods Useful and you managed to curb your CPU usage.


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