Best Budget AM4 Motherboards | Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide In 2022

Best Budget AM4 Motherboards

Best Budget AM4 Motherboards Of 2022

AMD’s AM4 platform and motherboards are reaching the end of their long 4-year tenure, which is an especially excellent achievement when considering sockets and chipsets.

Before introducing the best AM4 motherboards, a specific motherboard with an upgrade path of more generations was simply not heard.😊

Intel’s users lead the trend mostly as they have a routine of changing the socket every two to three years.

As AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are now marking 3rd Generations, and AMD kept its promise for supporting the AM4 socket, we can see several captivating chipset options.

The best thing about the AM4 motherboards is that it offers excellent functionality in cheaper chipsets like B450 Motherboards.

Choose The Best Once Without Scrolling


  •  AMD Crossfire Technology
  • Support AMD Ryzen 1st and 2nd
  • Supports 64GB Dual 


  • High Quality Audio Capacitors 
  • GIGABYTE Exclusive
  • HDMI, DVI-D Ports 
  • RGB FUSION with Digital LED

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 Motherboard

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 Motherboard
  • GIGABYTE Exclusive
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC 
  • Ultra-Fast PCIe Gen3
  • Supports AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen


Thus you can easily save a buck when choosing the best compatibility. It also makes B450 the best chipset for anyone looking to build a Ryzen-based PC with an exclusively budget-friendly motherboard.

Another fantastic feature of the B450 chipset is that it supports all four generations of Ryzen CPUs and appropriate BIOS updates.

Are you still confused? I’ll explain the characteristics of AM4 Motherboard, the top 7 best AM4 Motherboards, and a helping buying guide in the article below so you can understand better!

So, if you are looking for the ultimate best budget X570 motherboard, B450 motherboard, X470 motherboard, or A320 chipset motherboards, this guide will be an exclusive help.

Definition & Characteristics Of the Best AM4 Motherboard

Though many people consider the CPU as the computer’s brain, the motherboard is the computer’s spinal cord and nervous system.

Definition & Characteristics Of the Best AM4 Motherboard


A motherboard provides a place for the CPU to sit and also controls every bit of data passing in and out from the CPU. It acts as a communicator between the PC and its peripherals.

Whether you build your computer to save money or you need the systems for a particular performance, selecting the best motherboard could be the important decision you make.

So before going to select the best budget AM4 Motherboard, you must have an idea about its characteristics to get the best deal!

  •  Form Factor

Motherboards come in different sizes and various price ranges. You can get a good motherboard in any size; its quality depends on its form factor, which is an essential thing while buying a motherboard.

9.6-inch square micro-ATX


If you want to build a small computer or PC, a small form-factor board like a 9.6-inch square micro-ATX is best for you, or somehow, you can select a 6.7-inch square mini-ITX board that is also ideal for those who has a small PC.

Large size motherboards, such as 12-by-9.6 inch full-size ATX board or 11.2-by-8.2 inch mini-ATX, have a large room for more components, expansion slots, and connectors.

Moreover, it can fit in large cases properly

  • CPU Socket

Be assured to look for the motherboard with a CPU socket that can adjust your chosen type of CPU with it.


Don’t consider that only different companies have different processors and socket requirements as different processors of the same company may also have different socket options.

In simple words, an Intel motherboard won’t permit an AMD processor, and thus, it won’t support certain Intel processors as well and vice versa.

  • Chipsets

In addition to selecting a compatible CPU socket, look at the chipset on the motherboard that can determine how fast the computer can run its program. Also, look at what additional features it can supports and how much RAM it has.



AMD usually offers three chipsets for desktop PC, and that includes A Series (most affordable series but with minimal features), B Series (Suitable for most gamers, a mid-range series benefiting intermediate power users), and X Series (designed for enthusiasts, professionals, and gamers with high budget).

  •  Slots Of A Motherboard

Motherboards usually have three different types of slots. One is memory slots that let you plug RAM modules into the PC.

 Slots Of A Motherboard


The number of slots you have, the more memory you can save. Keep in mind that the slots are also particular to a given type of RAM, so a motherboard with double data rate type 3 slots will only allow DDR3 memory modules.

Motherboards also have high-speed PCI Express slots and regular PCI slots that are particularly for graphics cards and expansion cards, respectively.

On the other hand, the devices that once would have plugged into a PCI slot or modems are usually now present as USB devices.

The high-speed PCI-Express x16 slots are still considered an excellent necessity for graphics cards.

  •  Connectors

Motherboards have a wide range of both types of connectors, either internal or external. At a minimum range, you can expect to get Zexternal USB ports and internal USB headers.


You can get it along with internal serial advanced technology attachment ports for drives, switches, connectors for case LEDs, and external sound ports.

Some motherboards allow support for graphics connectors, USB 3.0, on their system, and even an external SATA port for high-speed connections to external drives and also legacy ports like serial or parallel connectors.

  • Some Additional Features

Different motherboards also support some extra features. For example, some motherboard chipsets are capable of connecting not just multiple hard drives but also using them together in a special way known as the “expandable array of independent disks.”


Other motherboards include a basic input system and output system that allows you to adjust or alter the system’s settings and compress the extra performance out of it by overlocking.

Best Budget AM4 Motherboard In 2022

As we know, motherboards differ in their size, storage capacity, ports, and other features – motherboards of the same company have different unique features and price ranges.

So the following comparison can help you get to know about the suitable motherboard for your need. The following comparison table will help you decide for choosing the best budget AM4 Motherboard.

Our Top 7 Picks For Today

Image Product Feature Price
Best Seller



Best connectivity, excellent RGB implementation, VRM design Check On Amazon
Top Pick

MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro-ATX Motherboard


Good power delivery system, stealthy aesthetic, Wi-Fi connectivity Check On Amazon
Editor’s Choice



ARGB head support, good aesthetic, Dual BIOS support Check On Amazon

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 Motherboard


Affordable, good power delivery, good connectivity Check On Amazon

ASUS Prime B450M-A/CSM Motherboard


6 SATA 6Gbps ports, inexpensive, easy to install Check On Amazon
Top Pick

Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H


Good power delivery, decent design, good for the economic build Check On Amazon
Best Seller

MSI B550M PRO-VDH WiFi ATX AM4 Motherboard


User-friendly design, good connectivity, Supports AMD crossfire Check On Amazon

1. ASRock B450M STEEL LEGEND Socket AM4


The Steel Legend Series of ASRock B450M with AM4 socket has always been one of the best midrange motherboard choices in the market for any type of chipset.

This series aspires to bestow solid power delivery and adequate features without going overkill.

Thus, by purchasing ASRock’s Steel Legend motherboard, an excellent price-to-performance ratio can be established.

The Steel Legend contains a solid VRM configuration that should be proficient at handling Ryzen 7 CPUs in the market without any issue.

However, it should be an example and an ideal pairing with Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 at stock settings.

The ASRock’s Steel Legend series does not compromise on its features at all.

The M.2 slots and 4 SATA ports are extraordinarily good to see in this price category, as expensive motherboards usually just have a single M.2 slot.

If we talk about its connectivity, the Steel Legend has a 1GbE Ethernet port that is quite enough for this price category.

You can also get 8 USB ports on the backend, with four more ports by the internal headers. A tight budget does not mean that your motherboard should be unappealing.

The best value B450M board is quite an impressive specimen and attractive product in terms of aesthetics.

The ASRock’s Steel Legend Series has a solid VRM configuration.

It has a unique feature of PCB color with an amazing and distinct camouflage pattern over it that enhances its beauty, and it looks unique.

ASRock has an integrated big I/O cover in white that superbly matches the chipset heatsink with a white VRM heatsink.

There is also a large RGB lighting zone on its I/O cover, as well as on the heatsink chipset. These lighting zones make the motherboard look pretty when it is placed inside a case.

However, all in all, the ASRock B450M Steel Legend is considered one of the best B450 motherboards that are available under $100.


2. MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro-ATX Motherboard

MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro-ATX Motherboard

The MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro ATX Motherboard supports three generations of AMD Ryzen and is quite popular among budget builders.

It perfectly supports DDR4 memory and has an extended heatsink design. This motherboard can run the system very well.

It’s mainly made for those who love to play games without compromising on anything. It has excellent lighting zones and thus offers great value for the money.

Also, it has a digital power design that aids in the better performance of a PC.

This series exhibits a solid power delivery system and is well-equipped with features all the features you might wish to have in the best budget AM4 motherboard.

Thus, by purchasing the MSI motherboard, you can establish a good price-to-performance ratio.

The MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro ATX Motherboard has excellent gaming features, however.

It has the worth set of connectivity features with only one 1GbE Ethernet port, Wi-Fi connectivity, and also, it posses the standard storage configuration with a single M.2 slot.

This motherboard looks very nice and stunning – it has an appealing design language and an impressive offering of MSI ports.

It has no prominent light zone, but it perfectly supports the BIOS ROM chip. Adding on, it supports micro codes as well – a great deal to go with!

This motherboard has a large space for integrated VRM heatsinks. One of the drawbacks of this motherboard is it’s not so good and appealing for RGB enthusiasts.

Overall, the MSI Arsenal Gaming Micro ATX motherboard is a well-rounded option for gamers.

The stealthy back out PC imparts an impressive effect on its users. Undeniably, it has enough juice to handle the excessive power.

Are you dreaming of AMD Ryzen-based gaming PC? This motherboard has got your back!


3. GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M ATX/Motherboard


The Gigabyte B450 AORUS M ATX/Motherboard is a more satisfactory offer from the famed AORUS lineup.

The B450 AORUS M is another great choice if you want a reliable B450 motherboard under a good price range with some advanced features.

The Gigabyte AORUS B450 M has not excellent power delivery system; however, it is still more than enough for most midrange Ryzen CPUs.

The ideal pairing for this gigabyte B450 board would be something like a Ryzen 5 3600 and a new 5600X with a BIOS update.

Conversely, Ryzen 7s and Ryzen 9s don’t pair well with this motherboard specifically. The B450 AORUS M does have some extraordinary features to impress.

It has the worthy set of connectivity features with only one 1GbE Ethernet port and also posses the standard storage configuration with a single M.2 slot and 6 SATA ports.

The interesting thing about the B450 AORUS M is that it well supports the Dual BIOS feature, which is a really handy feature as even some old motherboards lack this feature.

The AORUS M also comes with 3-pin ARGB headers which are rarely found in B450 motherboards.

This motherboard has eight rear USB Hub ports, and sometimes you can connect more than six via the internal headers. These motherboards can meet the requirements due to their satisfactory concerns.

The B450 AORUS Motherboard is not awful – it looks decent with its black VRM, black PCB, and chipset heatsinks. In addition, the M.2 slot posses a black heatsink which upgrades the aesthetics as well.

Mostly the motherboard looks neutral in color, and that’s quite unremarkable. It lacks the feature of RGB controller lighting; it doesn’t encounter a visible light zone.

Instead, these motherboards come in some orange accent. Well, the Gigabyte B450 AORUS Motherboard is good for midrange system builders if they want some unique features in a motherboard that is budget-friendly.

Indeed, it is pretty rich in features and above par!😀


4. GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 Motherboard

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 Motherboard

If you are looking for a more affordable motherboard, Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 might be the best for you.

It is a cut-down version of the AORUS boards with an excellent feature set. It’s exclusively suitable for those who want entry-level or mid-range builds with Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs.

The VRM of the Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 does not have an extraordinary function. This motherboard is not bad for the price, also, as it features a nice power delivery system for the price.

The power system is well-equipped to control most Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs.

If you try overclocking a Ryzen 5 CPU, you can get acceptable results. Sadly, this motherboard doesn’t feature any compatibility of paring with Ryzen 7 or higher-tier CPUs.

It also has a single 1GbE Ethernet port and lacks Wi-Fi. The storage is controlled by 4 SATA ports and one M.2 slots.

This Gigabyte motherboard has eight rear USB ports to offer but does not include any additional bells and whistles.

Moreover, it also seems quite plain with a black PCB. There is no lighting over the board, and that’s pretty expected at this low price point.

However, the Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 is one of the best for ultra-budget-oriented buyers who want to increase the good price-to-performance ratio at an average $80 price point.😊

It has all the features that one can need and provides a decent power delivery.

This motherboard is good for budget builds as the Prime lineup from ASUS is targeting gamers on a budget, and it has some interesting offerings only under $100. Again, this board does not have any extra bells and whistles, and that’s justified!

The power delivery system of the ASUS Prime B450M-A is quite adorable and excellent.

It uses quite unimpressive components in the VRM, but it does not even offer any VRM heatsinks. Instead, ASUS offers direct case airflow and keeps VRM components cool.

This board can be best paired with Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 CPUs at stock settings. It has a single M.2 slot with 6 SATA 6Gbps ports for storage devices, which is more than what other boards offer at this price point.

The connectivity is controlled by a single 1GbE Ethernet port, and it has no Wi-Fi. Also, it comes with only 6 USB ports on I/O. Overall, it’s a nice value for the money!


5. ASUS Prime B450M-A/CSM Motherboard

ASUS Prime B450M-ACSM Motherboard

The ASUS Prime lineup is targeting those who love to play games. This is a Micro-ATX AM4 B450 motherboard that can be seen selling for nearly $75 regularly.

This motherboard does not have any extra bells and whistles, also, but it can target its competitors very well.

The power delivery system of the ASUS Prime B450M-A is best for everyday use. It uses quite unimpressive components, and also, the VRM of this motherboard has no VRM heatsink.

The Prime B450M-A does not have enough features that one can expect at this low price point.

It has only a single M.2 slot, 6 SATA, and the connectivity is controlled by a single 1GbE Ethernet port. Also, there is a lack of Wi-Fi that might mean a below-the-par performance.

It looks acceptable for the price point. In fact, there’s an amazing gray and black PCB pattern, but sadly, it lacks an RGB feature.

Overall, the ASUS Prime B450M-A is a better motherboard – it’s the best option that would keep your system running well in the meanwhile with little-to-no reliability concerns.


6. Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H  – Best Pick Up

Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H

The Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H is the best for those who want to purchase the best motherboard under budget.

It is an affordable and popular motherboard and is considered the best AMD AM4 Motherboard for the average PC for home or work and supports three generations of Ryzen, and it also supports DDR4 and 2DIMMs storage memory. It has M.2 slot and SATA mode support.

The best thing about this motherboard is that it has good quality audio capacitors along with an audio noise guard that has no sound and whistle.

It is the most inexpensive option for its users. It posses an internet accelerator software hence Wi-Fi connectivity is present and its smart in its functions and has hybrid fan headers that have direct airflow and also has maximum support of 32 GB. The power supply system is also very fast.

The motherboard is good for the economic build as businessmen or professional people usually use it, although it has full fledge gaming build in it.

One of the drawbacks of this motherboard is it has no overlocking for the CPU and among the best budget AMD motherboards, this one is considered worthier and has the most economical build.

Adding on, it has many slots for graphics cards, and you can use slots and ports for crossfire setup. It has no X4 slot but fewer SATA ports, and that means it’s a good choice for basic use!


7. MSI B550M PRO-VDH Wi Fi ATX AM4 Motherboard

MSI B550M PRO-VDH Wi Fi ATX AM4 Motherboard

The MSI ATX AM4 Motherboard is also a nice compatible gaming motherboard.

The motherboard for AM4 sockets usually has a user-friendly design mainly for DIYers along with troubleshooting tools. It satisfies its users, even those who demand Tweakers .

This motherboard has a respectable newer B550 Chipset and supports overlocking. It is easy to install without any issue, and the best thing about this motherboard is its expandability.

It has a faster storage capacity as it provides a fast USB transfer speed, and you can connect other expandable connectors with flexibility, too.

The MSI ATX AM4 boards is considered an excellent budget motherboard that has quite competent and better sub-components and designed to satisfy any professional.

Also, it has good quality sound, and that’s why you can build a workstation of your dreams with high RAM requirements.

It has no support for AMD crossfire, and its enhanced PCB design along 20z thickened copper has moved its conductivity. It has also improved the heat dissipation and performance reliability during overlocking.

Moreover, its performance is good, and the MSI ATX AM4 Motherboard is easy to use. The performance-based Micro ATX is the best budget M4 motherboard to choose this time.


Buying Guide For The Best Budget M4 Motherboard

Is it tough to understand what are the best AM4 motherboards and why? No worries, it sometimes is tough to understand, but the following buying guide might offer some help.

Here are the factors that you should consider while choosing them.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is the first important thing that speaks to the buying process. The choice of your processor will determine what type of motherboard you end up going with.

For instance, Intel’s new socket uses the LGA 1200; on the other hand, the AMD is using the AM4 platform. Besides, you have to look for the chipset you are going to select.

Such as, in this article, we have talked about the B450 platform that is considered the best value-focused department in Motherboard’s World right now.

  • VRM Design and Overclocking

The next is, does AMD supports overclocking, which is also quite a necessary feature of motherboards or not.

You must be aware of the power delivery and its VRM design while purchasing the motherboard because it is so important and has a good impact on its functions.

The power delivery system and its VRM works to take direct power from the wall and transfer it into clean power for the process.

Thermal efficiency also has a vital role here. The better the power delivery system, the better performance you can eject out of your processor by overlocking.

  • Upgrade Path

This is also quite important to have a look, especially if you are purchasing a B450 motherboard right now.

The pairing of the B450 Motherboard With The Ryzen 3600 processor looks to be famous in mid-range combinations in 2022. It has also extended up a great upgrade path.

If you want more processor cores for your business work, you can improve to a processor from the Ryzen 5000 lineup series. The upgrade path is necessary to decide before choosing the platform.

Which One Is The Ultimate Best AM4 Motherboard?

Though you may find numerous choices at every price point, undeniably, the highest-priced models can offer exclusive speed and connectivity.

A fairly-priced AM4 Motherboard can offer all the flash and goodness you might want for an optimal gaming experience.

The top-tier products coming at an affordable or average price are known to add extra bells and whistles to your experience.

For example, they can gift you with RGB LEDs to complement the action with display.

Overall, the motherboards come offer extra features when you spend extra. You can enjoy excessive ports, slots, and style elements if you decide not to the downside on the budget.

And that doesn’t mean you always have to settle for an expensive product; instead, make the most out of your budget and focus on the features you merely need.

Some extra expansion slots can complement your gaming PC build, whereas fewer USB ports are more likely to drag it down.

That’s why it’s necessary to choose wisely and crack your best deal for the AMD-powered gaming PC!

Final Wording

To sum up, I would say that these all above mentioned best budget AM4 Motherboards have different unique features that can fulfill the demands of different kinds of users.

Either you are looking for a gaming PC or a work PC, you can find a budget option from the list. Also, the buying guide can help you get to the best decision!

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