About Us

In our daily life, we often end up purchasing a product that does not serve our purpose. We always strive for finding the best under our budget, but it is a challenging task. Especially, finding ideal motherboards that best meet our demand is never easy.
Due to many technical complications, only a handful of people know what motherboard would be ideal for them to purchase. This thinking brought us to establish Motherboards Guru.��
Motherboards Guru is an affiliate website, focused on providing its users detailed and comprehensive reviews about different kinds of motherboards that they need for their computers. The team behind Motherboards Guru try their level best to present authentic information about motherboards to their users.
After careful study and deep observation, if a product is found precise and up to the needs of the market, we post a review about it on the website and share it with our users. The reviews are based on authentic information collected through various online sources and customer feedback. We try to keep our reviews to the point so that there is no confusion left in the customer’s mind and he can easily decide which product he should choose.